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HOUSTON: On the event of the much awaited release of the Telugu film, Gabbar Singh, Radio Hungama, Houston organized an evening of  dance, music and celebrations in Bollywood Cinema 6, on May 10, Thursday, starting at 7:30pm. The premiere show was at 8:30 pm. The film starring one of Telugu film  industry’s most popular youth icons, Pawan Kalyan, with music direction by Devi Shree Prasad, was another chance to bring the film loving Telugu community together.

According to Shridhar Dadi from Radio Hungama, Pawan Kalyan is quite the sensation amongst the Telugu film viewing community, who are very excited about their films in general. To top it all, Gabbar Singh is a remake of the Hindi film Dabangg, which was quite the hit in India. An event like this was bound to  increase the aura of enthusiasm for Telugu films and Pawan Kalyan fans.

Four hundred people  from all over Texas, mostly students from University of Houston (Main Campus), University of Houston, Clear Lake,  and Texas A&M (Kingsville, Corpus and College Station) attended  Radio Hungama’s Gabbar Singh event.  A DJ stationed at the lobby of the theater played songs from the film. This was perhaps the first time ever in the U.S where a DJ was brought in to play songs for the release of a Telugu film, before the movie was screened.

In the course of the evening there were fun contests and lots of dancing – an awesome dance performance to the song, Kevvu Keka with about 75 people during the intermission,  choreographed by Kiron Kumar and Tina Bose of Infused Dance School, became an instant hit with the fans. The celebratory mood of the audience migrated from the lobby to the theater itself, where there was apparently a lot of cheering right before the film screening began.

Fans also cut a cake for the release of this film during the intermission, following which there was a surprise flash mob dance – people simply hit the floor to move, soon as they heard the music playing! Shridhar Dadi says, this cake cutting ceremony when popular heroes’  (Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, etc.) films release has become something of a norm amongst Telugu film audiences, not only in the US but also in UK and UAE.

Radio Hungama’s Gabbar Singh event was a mega success. The crowd ranged from students, to IT professionals to doctors, all out there to watch a premier show on a weekday! With more than 500,000 people from the Telugu community  in the U.S, Telugu movies, like their Bollywood counterparts have become very popular. With movies releasing in all major cities on the same day as India, (sometimes 12 hours before India), the excitement only seems be burgeoning.

Radio Hungama in Houston has always been at the forefront of organizing several interesting and entertaining events for the Telugu community. They have had outdoor carnivals, educational contests and fun filled new year parties.  This time around, as they were waiting for an opportune moment to do something completely  different from all their prior events, the Telugu film Gabbar Singh was released. Sridhar Dadi, a mega fan of  the actor, Chiranjeevi saw the opportunity to innovate on the Pawan Kalyan moment, and seized the chance!

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The team behind Radio Hungama’s “Gabbar Singh” bash