Indian Railways Trolled over Katamarayuda

pawan-katamaPower star Pawan Kalyan’s Katamarayudu teaser triggered a funny conversation between an enthusiastic guy and the South Central Railway on Twitter.

A Twitter user with handle @saisanath_sunny tried to troll the South Central Railway , has posted a pic from the teaser of Katamarayudu in which Pawan Kalyan kicks the train door and it flies away.

23 @saisanath_sunny Tweeted ”
.@SCRailwayIndia @sureshpprabhu @TelanganaCMO @RailMinIndia Ok don’t repeat this again & plz improve the quality of train doors. “.

In reply, SouthCentralRailway @SCRailwayIndia tweeted ”
@saisanath_sunny Train door can come off in Reel life as in the pic.Does not happen in Real life@sureshpprabhu @TelanganaCMO @RailMinIndia”

It further said, ” @saisanath_sunny yes. This will not happen. Thank You. Taken note of your point.@sureshpprabhu @TelanganaCMO @RailMinIndia”.