Indian Doctor Achutha Reddy stabbed to death in Kansas

Achutha ReddyIndian Doctor Achutha Reddy was stabbed to death by a 21-year-old man for Wednesday evening  in Kansas in USA.

Wichita police have arrested Umar Rashid Dutt after a security guard at the Wichita Country Club informed that he was sitting in a vehicle with blood stains in a parking lot. A staff of the clinic saw the suspect assaulting the doctor.

Police said the doctor received multiple stabbings, resulting in his death. Umar Rashid Dutt charged with the first-degree murder, has been booked into jail.

Holistic Psychiatric Services in a statement said, Dr. Achutha Reddy was an amazing , compassionate , kind and Loving. He had gift of knowing what each and everyone needed.

The suspect’s father was a native of Hyderabad who immigrated to the US and that his mother was from Bengaluru.

Achutha N Reddy was an alumnus of Osmania Medical College and had been practising in Kansas since 1989 .