India will never bend before Terrorism : Modi

modiPrime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the Red Fort in New Delhi on the occasion of 70th Independence Day.

Modi conveyed greetings to 125 crore Indians & the Indian community living overseas, remembering Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Pandit Nehru, many others who sacrificed their lives for freedom struggle.

He said, The onus is on 125 cr people of India to convert this ‘Swaraj’ into ‘Surajya’. ‘Surajya’ means a Govt should be sensitive towards the common man, weaker sections.

He said, He want to change the lives of common people and he is committed to it.There was a time when Govt was surrounded by allegations but now the Govt is surrounded by expectations.

He said, one can avail passport in a week, Govt provided gas connections to over 4 crore people in just 60 weeks.Govt have connected 70 crore Indians to Aadhaar and social security schemes.

He said, Due to drought situation in the last 2 years, Govt has faced challenges in terms of price rise. Under the previous Govt, inflation had crossed 10 %. But despite drought inflation didnot rise above 6%.

He said, His govt is giving importance to Integrated development against Isolated development, empowerment against entitlement.Govt is giving importance to ‘last man delivery’ by taking decisions decisively as our policies and intentions are clear. His govt is trying to revive ‘post-offices’ in the country which is becoming irrelevant increasingly due to advent of technology. Modi said, Reform, perform, transform are the new mantras.

Talking about Coal corruption He said, His govt auctioned coal online, without any corruption charges levelled against us due to transparency. He said, image of the nation is more important than the image of the Government.

He said, Financial independence of Women and her participation is important to fight poverty. GST will give strength to our economy & all parties are to be thanked for its passage.

Speaking about terrorism He said, More than 35000 jawans have lost their lives fighting at border so that we can stay peacefully here, how can we forget them?, questioned Modi. He said, This country will never bend before terrorism. Many innocents were killed in Peshawar terrorist attack (Pak), but there were tears in everyone’s eyes in Parl here. People of Balochistan,Gilgit and PoK have thanked him a lot in past few days and He is grateful to them.This is the example of our humanitarian approach, but there are some countries who glorify terrorists. To the youth who have taken up gun, He urged them to return to their parents, shun violence.