Indefinite Curfew in Hyderabad

Indefinite Curfew in Hyderabad

Following violent incidents of stabbing, heavy stone pelting, fighting amongst groups, an indefinite curfew is imposed in Old city areas falling under sensitive Madannapet and Saidabad areas.

Trouble broke out around 7 am on Sunday after locals reportedly found ‘meat’ lying near a religious place in Kurumaguda that ‘provoked’ members of a particular community, police said.

Police resorted to lathi charge to disperse the mobs. “Miscreants also pelted stones at buses and set at least two vehicles on fire. Two incidents of stabbing have also been reported,” the police official said.

In spite of 3 rounds firing followed with tear gas, the clashing mob didn’t disburse hence imposing curfew using heavy Police force became mandatory. Curfew has been clamped till further orders in the areas under Madannapet and Saidabad police station limits, Hyderabad Police Commissioner A.K. Khan said, adding police have picked up multiple persons for questioning.

All Police Forces are deployed and the whole area is fortified using fences. Police chiefs , ex- IPS Officers who worked in this area combined with all reserved forces are made available to bring peace and get control in the area. Rapid action Forces, 108 Ambulances are kept ready for any untoward incidents if happens.

In other places 144 sections are imposed. DGP Mr. Dinesh Reddy himself is monitoring the situation. Police Intelligence chief Mr. Mahendra Reddy too is stationed in Old City monitoring situation. All rowdy sheeters, identified people from video shoot taken during the incident and other suspects are being taken into police custody. DGP, Mr. Dinesh Reddy requested Politicians not to come and visit the sensitive area since any visits by Politicians may lead into more complications. He also requested public not to believe any rumors and act in haste.

Since 10th class exams are in progress, tomorrow for some time Curfew may be relaxed so that students residing in this area can attend the exams.

The total area is fortified and not allowing any one from other areas to enter into these sensitve/effected areas. Any one who seeks to come into this area are checked for identification as well as all traffic to and from these areas are diverted.

Police deployed, more than 30 police stations come under this area. CRPF, Rapid Action Force, Task Force, APSP, Central forces are already launched in these areas to control tensions effectively. Police kept VAJRA vehicles, Water Canal forces, Ambulances and kept ready.

BJP leaders said Police failed to act to prevent the riots and keep peace. BJP’s senior leader Bandaru Dattatreya and corporator Blareddy met with people who are hurt and are taking medical treatment at Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills.