Illy babe disappoints in Julayi

Goa beauty Ileana was once considered as the hottest in the business. Her name is sufficient to raise the temperatures in any man and there are many who consider her to be their dream woman. Blessed with some really shapely hips and features that can kill even the best of men, Ileana has been a heartthrob but she has lost that H factor and also the priced assets  and all this has gone into a fade right now.

Ileana has been scoring a string of flops recently and as if that is not enough, her new look has shocked many. Ileana has been to Bollywood and was busy with her debut venture Barfi. In that process, she cut down a lot of weight and those who saw her in the recent release Julayi were totally disappointed.She looked pale and dull in Julayi so that director Trivikram had to avoid close up shots on her.

They are asking what is the need for her to look so thin like a patient and why she can’t get back to her original shape like she was in Kick. Usually Bollywood people like their heroines to be lean and slender but that requirement has made Ileana look very ugly. It is about time she realizes her folly and does something about it.