Ileana bought Rs. 4 crore US villa

Actress Ileana is chilling out in her swanky villa in Houston with her mother and sisters.

The actress reportedly bought the villa last year for a whopping Rs 4 crore, but couldn’t spend much time there because of her busy schedule. She reached the US on July 4 and will holiday there till the month-end.

Before this break, Ileana worked non-stop for nine months on her two Telugu films and the Bollywood film Barfee.

“It was quite hectic and I had to forget my usual 10-day Christmas holiday. So, I am looking forward to a break and spending time with my mother and sisters since they are my stress-busters,” Ileana said.

A close friend of the actress said that though she bought the villa last year, she has found time to do it up only now.