If you don’t like unfollow me : KTR

rp_KTR-indulging-in-Blackmail-politics-TDP-300x291-300x291-1-300x291-1-300x291-300x291-1-300x291-300x291-1-300x291-300x291-1-300x291.jpgTelangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao has expressed his anger at Netizens. As a minister, he is busy with his activities and also shares his views on movies. On Saturday night, he had seen ‘Tholi Prema’ movie and said “Great Job Thaman 👍 BG & Music was outstanding and so were lyrics. My compliments”.

Some Netizens criticised him for his post and also changing his profile picture. KTR strongly replied.

KTR tweeted,” To those people who seem to have a problem with me watching a movie or changing my DP!!! Get a life guys; while I may be in public life, I am also entitled to my likes & dislikes. If you don’t like it, feel free to unfollow me 😎” (sic)