If KCR tries to arrest me, His govt will fall : Naidu

naidu-kcrThe political war between Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao over the cash-for-votes scam went to peak stage with Naidu statement that , If KCR tries to arrest him then it will be the last day for his government.

He said, the tapes and phone conversation are doctored , “Either KCR has taped his conversation, or his channel has, or it is fabricated. Why should I answer for it?” he asked.

Naidu alleged that , KCR has started mudslinging to defame him and his party image. He alleged KCR of horse-trading and said he is not interested in an MLA or MLC from Telangana .

He questioned How TRS part won 5 MLC with just 63 seats?, How his MLA Srinivas Yadav is being taken oath as minister in KCR govt without resigning TDP ?. How his MLAS and Congress MLAs were bribed by TRS party to get support.

He alleged that KCR govt is indulging in phone tapping , more than 120 members including MLAs MPs and officials phones were tapped till now.