If Histroy repeats…Charan will be No: 1 hero by 2014

After anna Sr.NTR’s who was No: 1 hero till 1982 entered into politics with a new party in 1982 Super star Krishna  who had vast experience with no of hits and fan following occupied Tollywood No:1 slot in 1983 at that time chiranjeevi was just a upcoming hero with good fan base .But within 5 years from 1982  Chiranjeevi occupied No: 1 hero slot  by 1987 and ruled for 20+ years.

If history repeats ….Chiranjeevi was also No:1 hero  till 2008 entered into politics with a new party in 2009, again Super star Mahesh Babu with no of hits ,fan base and experience have chance to occupy No:1 because of tough competition no body confirmed that he is No:1. Ram charan is upcoming hero with 1 all time industry hit and good fan base would come up within 5 years from 2009 and he will be No:1 hero slot by 2014 and rule till 2034.