If cong wins by-polls, state to remain united

Vijayawada MP Lagandapati Rajagopal has made an ‘irresistible’ offer to the electorate. The ruling Congress will take a clear decision on the issue of Telangana, if the party were to get all the seats where by-polls are to be held, says Rajagopal.

Congress Party will resolve the vexatious issue by August if the party gets the mandate of the people in the by-polls, largely confined to Andhra and Rayalaseema, according to the MP.

The solution will be acceptable to 80 percent of the people of the state, he said. He will take up a Padayatra from Parakala to Anantapur along with other Congressleaders to campaign for the party.

Lagadapati, in other words, is saying that if the people of Andhra and Rayalaseema vote forCongress, the party will have the strength to declare that the state cannot be divided. But forCongress to make this statement, it needs the support of the people in the ensuing by-polls.