Identity crisis for Ram Charan ?

Identity crisis for Ram Charan  ?

Ram Charan is facing an Identity Crisis. Yes, it’s tough to accept this statement. But, it’s true! Most of people identify him as the Son of Megastar Chiranjeevi, but not as Ram Charan. Even the National dailies and broadcasting channels address him as Jr Chiru.

When asked about it during one of his recent interviews, Charan replied,”I’m always Chiranjeevi’s son first, and Ram Charan only later”.
However, the critics have given thumbsdown to Ram Charan. “Pawan Kalyan has come out of Chiru’s shadow at a very early stage of his career and has succeeded in creating his own identity. On the other hand, Ram Charan is still referred as Chiru’s Son. Even the actor seems to be content with the tag Jr Chiru, rather than creating his own. This mindset mayn’t yield good results in the long run,” said a film critic.