Idea behind ‘Tamanna’ lyrics in Racha song

Idea behind ‘Tamanna’ lyrics in Racha song

Lyrics that include the name of the lead actress is the new fad in tinsel town. After Bipasha’s song in the movie Jodi Breakers and Ileana’s hit number in Snehithudu, it’s now Tamanna’s turn.

The lyrics of a song written by Chandrabose in Rachcha goes like this : Oka Padam…. ur ur ur my dil ki Tamanna, and it’s already a hit.

Of course, it’s a unique feeling but personally I liked another number, Vaana Vaana, since it was a remix of Chiranjeevi Garu’s number,” says the actress.

However, director Sampath Nandi claims that the idea behind the song was not to pamper the actress.

It was used in the initial track and we retained it since it was hummable and could create a buzz. We also knew that Tamanna means ‘desire‘ in Hindi or ‘korika‘ in Telugu and her name nicely jelled with our lyrics,” says the director, who ruled out any objections from Charan regarding a song on his female co-star instead of himself.

In fact, he liked the concept and the song very much; however, the title track belongs to him,” adds the director.

Racha shooting will be completed this weekend and movie releases on 5th april worldwide.