I would eat an idli a day-Sameera Reddy

I would eat an idli a day-Sameera Reddy

The hottest young actress in Bollywood today chats with media about being healthy, looking good and her fondness for her moms cooking! I weighed 105 kilos When I was 19,

I weighed 105 kilos.

For years, when I got into the industry, a lot of people from my school and my college would come up to me and say we can’t believe it, it’s like you’re another person. I know what an emotional struggle it’s been. People don’t realize that criticism is one of the hardest things to take. And we are in an industry where everything is criticized. It has made me very grateful for my body, I will not take my body for granted, I will not put it through crash diets, and I think meditation has really helped me understand that we live in a world wherea it’s all about competition, and you have to draw the line somewhere. So being really obese as a kid and having two supermodel sisters was one of the worst things ever, but at the same time, it also makes me appreciate people for what they are. I will not get carried away by people who are good looking or slim, I know that behind all that is a lot of struggle.

I would eat an idli a day.

For me, it’s really been such a struggle as a woman, and it’s not only in Bollywood – today, even a housewife is under pressure to look trendy so the husband stays. And people are falling prey to bulimia and anorexia. I feel really sad. In college, Meghna, my sister – her waist was 22 inches, and I was double that. I used to go through torture, I used to cry, I used to go through a lot of self-loathing. You end up thinking ‘I am not deserving enough’. I sometimes used to eat one idli a day and then faint. I did absolutely the most ridiculous things in college till my mother caught me one day and said that if you don’t stop this nonsense, I’ll lock you up.

You have to eat right I don’t eat everything. It’s a lie if somebody says that. Everything is a work in progress, and the most important thing about food is understanding that food is not your enemy. If you eat right, it’ll give you a glow on your face, it will keep you healthy. It’s not about not eating and it’s not about too much eating. I always say, eat to survive, don’t gorge. If there’s anything I want, even if it’s a piece of cake, I’ll have a bite, I’ll feel satiated. I’ll use my brain to send a message to my body saying I think I’m done. The most important thing is having an emotional connect with diet, which is what most women are all about. We are all emotional eaters, which is the worst thing you can do. Which is why systems are placed in my head, and I know very well whether I am eating because I’m hungry or I’m eating to make myself feel better. So it’s not about eating less or more, it’s about eating right, and small meals. So sometimes for lunch I’ll just have a roti and bhaji, and people will say ‘oh you eat so less’.