I want Outlook to apologise : Smita Sabharwal to NDTV

smitaSmita Sabharwal, a secretary in Telangana’s CM office, has asked the magazine to publish apology with as much prominence.

I am proud to be a woman ! I am independent and I am Indian. “It is a matter of professional pride. I have spent 14 long years in service. The write up hurt very badly. It made me think if they can do this to a bureaucrat, who is doing a serious job, possibly women across will be subjected to this sort of yellow journalism. ‘I want Outlook to apologise to women across the country’: IAS officer Smita Sabharwal to NDTV

Earlier the outlook magazine described Sabharwal, 38, who works as a close aide of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, as “eye candy”. Separately, it carried a cartoon which showed Sabharwal walking a fashion ramp with the Chief Minister photographing her, while other politicians leer.