I have no differences with Chiru : Dasari

Veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao controversial comments about his book created a sensation in media which lead to a time pass discussion in a Telugu news channel.

Chiranjeevi’s brother Nagababu participated in the discussion said that , Dasari comments might be on Chiranjeevi. In the mean time, Dasari who was watching the live show has called to the channel said, Media is creating unnecessary mess about his comment, those comments were not targeted to Chiranjeevi at all. But, the channel people played Dasari comments when he was on call and suddenly Dasari disconnected his call.

Earlier, Dasari at a Rajanikanth’s Basha book launch said, he will expose some facts about the Telugu film industry and its personalities, which are unknown to the outside world so far, through his forthcoming book. Those who used to beg him for favours in movies, film institute and other things. But later, Dasari  said Chiranjeevi is like his son and there are no differences between them.

Meanwhile, Its still a suspense about whome Dasari made such sensational comments .Let’s wait till his book get released !