‘I have close relationship with all top heroes’

The reigning superstar of K’town, Karthi, says that popular Tollywood stars are quite friendly and warm and that the city of nawabs has become his second home given that he is spending at least 10 days a month in the city. I have begun to spend a lot of time in the city, shooting and attending functions.I have in fact, begun to chill out occasionally with them in the evenings and could even name a few spots I like for specific food specialities. I have simply fallen in love with the city,” says Karthi.

He doesn’t miss an opportunity to meet up with actor friends that include, Allu Arjun and Ravi Teja. “I attended Allu Arjun’s wedding and we became good friends. I also visit Ravi Teja frequently. He is a complete prankster with a great sense of humour. I am also in touch with Jr NTR,” he says. In fact, Karthi attended the same school, St. Bedes in Chennai, with Mahesh Babu, but they haven’t kept in touch.

“We didn’t meet after taking to acting,” he explains. Despite Karthi’s rising stocks in T’town and almost becoming a competitor to Gen X Telugu stars, they treat him as a good friend. “They have their own fan following, so the question of competition does not arise. However, I should thank the audience for making me a household name in Andhra Pradesh and also T’town stars and top directors, Rajamouli and Vinayak, for supporting me in my efforts to expand my fan base,” he adds.