I give future to NTR,not blockbusters: Rajamouli

Rajamouli is one of the rarest director in the telugu film industry who is yet to register a flop.As people say, SS stands for ‘Sure Success’ Rajamouli, he is master at reading the pulse of the audience.If we say ,every hero who is in dire need of a blockbuster will be in search of a Rajamouli, it is not an exaggeration.More than any top hero, the association of Rajamouli is something really special.He gave a phenomenal success to NTR with his ‘Simhadri and followed by magnum opus ‘Yamadonga’.

Speaking about the next movie with Tarak, Rajamouli said “I never think of giving a blockbuster to NTR.I always focus on making a movie that will help  NTR to achieve something really big in his future.I made Simhadri with him and it is a blockbuster.After that when i approached him with Yama donga script, to which he expressed his apprehensions.I promised him that Yamadonga will put his trademark ‘Kathulu, Goddallu’ aside and introduce his alround abilities to Telugu audience.As expected he tried wide variety of roles after Yamadonga.My Next movie will be another experiment which showcases different NTR altogether.”

“After me and Vinayak moved away mass movies, there is a dearth of mass directors in the Industry.But Boyapati has come in the right time to fill the gap.Dammu is the much awaited movie for me.Especially am waiting for the song ‘Ruler’.I wish i could get that song in my movie.” he added.