I fear for my life: Tara Chowdary

I fear for my life: Tara Chowdary

“It is true some politicians (MPs and MLAs) forced me a couple of years back to have sex with them and threatened to kill me. I recorded these conversations for my own protection. I never blackmailed anybody,” Tara Chowdary told the media on Tuesday.

Presently in the custody of Banjara Hills Police Station, Tara, who was arrested on the compliant of a girl that she was being forced into prostitution, pleaded for a CBI inquiry so the the truth would come out.

“I am being given a  lot of bad publicity. I am accused of blackmailing. They should have committed some crimes if I was blackmailing them. How can I blackmail anybody for no reason,” she asked.

Stating that she cannot give any names or reveal anything at this stage as she was in a ‘bad position’, Tara said she had confidence in the CBI and would tell them everything. She claimed that there was a threat to her life, but did not specify who these politicians were.

She dismissed all the charges against her as false and challenged any evidence to show that she hadcommitted any wrongdoing that she was accused of. “Let anybody come forward and tell thatanytime in the past I had done anything and prove the charges,” she dared.

She wanted to be shifted to any other police station except Banjara Hills, as she was not comfortable with the cops there.

Making a request to the Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy, DGP Dinesh Reddy and Commissioner A K Khan to ensure that a thorough inquiry was carried out in her case, Tara Chowdary said she hadpictures of her family and her friends on her mobile phones. “They are all my personal numbers andpersonal photos and what is wrong with them,” she questioned.

As an actress, she would have many friends and acquaintances. “It is not correct to construe all these as illegal affairs,” she said.