I Don’t Know Who Is Bhanu – Ganesh Babu

He has the dubious distinction of being called a ‘salaried employee to Botsa Satyanarayana’, but that doesn’t deter him from holding the PCC Chief in high spirits. Branding Botsa as his Guru, producer Bandla Ganesh Babu once again rubbished allegations and controversies surrounding him on financial irregularities of his films. “I know Botsa for the past 12 years and I did not develop a relationship with him anticipating financial gain. We share great rapport”, said Ganesh Babu.

Ask Ganesh about the accusations pertaining to his films financial wrongdoings, and the producer say that there’s no reason for him to dupe people. “I came here to become a star hero but things did not work out and I became a producer. I’m a tax paying citizen of this country and have been doing so for the past 20 years. I’m financially stable and don’t need to indulge in any such malpractices”, quips Ganesh Babu.

When questioned about using Bhanu Kiran’s name for financial gains, Ganesh Babu admits not knowing who Bhanu is. “I don’t know who Bhanu is and I have never met him. I only saw him on TV.”

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