I dont have short temper :Nayantara

In an interview to a blog  Nayantara expressed her views

Work? Ask every single producer who’s worked with me – they’d say that it’s 100% from my side. Love? I give my heart, my all.

Temper? God,I dont have short temper, you don’t want to know!

Trust? It’s all or nothing. Perhaps that explains why I land in soup every now and then (smiles) – I don’t trust easily and when I in s in do, there’s no holding back; so when I feel someone’s let me down, it’s really intense for me!

Love life? If you have noticed, you will see that I haven’t denied any of my romantic involvements or any of the controversies that I have been dragged into. Not a single person NOT involved directly in any of these issues will know the swathe of grey in them and is capable of happily reaching whatever black or white conclusions they want; so I simply decided a long time ago that I would merely keep silent about it all instead of fuelling the fires.