I am just 30 years old !!

Actress Shriya has now turned towards glamour. She created a great sensation by posing very sexily for the cover page of an English Magazine Maxim which is being published from Mumbai.

When asked her about this, she said, “Now there is a stiff competition in cine field. In order to sustain myself in this field, I felt that there is nothing wrong in posing like that. Hence I participated in the photo shoot because I have a sexy physique. This is not new to me. This is the second time.

When I posed for the first time, I got lots of offers in Hindi. Now after posing for the second time, I am confident that I will be getting many more offers. Many are asking me that when I am going to get married. I am just 30 years old. I don’t think that I am very old. Go and see in Hollywood, the actresses come to act only at the age of 30 years. In Hindi film industry, there are lots of heroines who have crossed 30 years. I am very younger to them. I will not rush to get married.”