Hyper Movie Review – Uber Hyper

hyper-reviewMovie : Hyper
Director : Santosh Srinivas
Producer : Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara
Music Director :Ghibran
Starring : Ram, Rashi Khanna
TelugSquare.com Rating 3/5


Narayana Murthy (SatyaRaj ) is an honest public servant, works s Visakhapatnam Municipal Commissioner. His only son is Surya (Ram), who is ready do anything for his father. Minister Rajappa ( Rao Ramesh) sends a file for premission to Narayana Murthy to allow the construction of the building. But Murthy refuses to sign as the building construction violates the rules.

Rajappa tries all the ways to summon Murthy and also threatens him. But Murthy remains sincere to his job. When Surya comes to know that Minister has targeted his father, What will he do? What is the story about Bhanumati (Raasi Khanna)? , the love interest of Surya.


The roles of Ram, Raashi Khanna, and Rao Ramesh are key for the film. Ram was energetic as always . He dances and fights with an ease. Raashi was beautiful and appealing. Rao Ramesh has really lived in the role of Minister Rajappa. Sathyaraj does a commendable job. Rest of the characters were okay.


Technically The movie scores good marks, Ghibran’s music was good, Manisharma’s BGM was okay. Abbari Ravi’s pen sparks in between, especially father-son conversations, while the dialogues in rest of the scenes were regular. Dialogues that are written relating Girl life comparing with Remote was good. Sameer Reddy camera work is good. Gautam Raju’s editing is good.


This is the time when Tollywood started experimenting in the films. The filmmakers are constantly trying to show something new to the audience. That’s the reason new type, new genre films are releasing in Telugu. However, Commercial and Formula films have its own place. Most of the B and C centers audience would love to watch potboilers. One such film is Hyper.

Hyper is out and out commercial entertainer, the film has no story, no fresh elements to talk. But has all the commercial elements to entertain the mass audience. It’s a revenge drama with songs, fights, and Romance , The director has added all the ingredients that would engage the mass audience. All the scenes in the fight half are of a lighter vein . The movie revolves around Ram- Raashi romance and family drama. Interval bang arrives with a twist.

The key story beings in the second half . But the scenes starts dragging and test the patience of the audience. To save his father from a Minister, Surya makes friendship with Rowdysheeter Gaga(Murali Sharma) . The Swapping of cars looks very routine . The director tried to project Ram’s Hyper activeness to the audience. He just concentrated on the screenplay of the film. Some scenes flash from Tupaki ,Nannnaku Prematho, Tagore and Bharathiyaudu films .

Overall, the crux of the movie is the father-son relationship and rest of the themes are corruption and romance.

Typical mass entertainer