Hyderabad CCS arrests 2 Nigerians for cheating a lady

nigeriansHyderabad Cyber Crime Police arrested 4 people including two Nigerians for cheating a women in Hyderabad.

Tommy Mack (28) of  Kwara village, Nigeria, Marvellous Mezre Okafor (24) of Enugu, Nigeria (both living in Delhi) and Henk Hochon Haokip ( 25) & Azim Khan of  New Delhi were arrested for cheating a lady on the name of international seminar scheduled to be held at London .

These guys sent emails to all the agricultural universities in India stating that international conference on Water Resources Energy and Climate Changes to be held in London .
They asked the lady to pay Rs.2.85 Lakh for visa, flight tickets and hotel accommodation and cheated her.