Hyderabad becomes Beerabad !!

Hyderabadis may be facing water woes but a good number of them, particularly youngsters with pocketful of money, are guzzling beer like there’s no tomorrow. Beer sales, say wine dealers, are shooting up at the same pace as the mercury, creating new records. The dealers hold individual records, so to speak but statistics furnished by the Andhra Pradesh Beverages Corporation Ltd (APBCL) give a good overall picture.

According to the APBCL, beer sales in the twin cities increased by 7 per cent in the months of March and April compared to the same period last year. In figures, the city witnessed sales of 7,16,413 crates (each crate contains 12 bottles of beer) in March and April last year. This time, during the same period, 7,66,841 crates were sold. In other words, 92,02,092 beer bottles, almost close to one crore.

The  increase in beer sales in the city and it’s quite expected during summer as several college students spend their pocket money on beer without any qualms. “My classes get over by afternoon and we friends make sure to go and have a beer before lunch. It is a great stress buster as well,” claimed a student, while buying beer bottles at a wine shop in Himayatnagar. He wondered as to how anyone could not have beer on a hot afternoon. “That too, when wine shops, bars and restaurants are giving certain discounts too like buy one get one free?”