Hundreds of films never release because of politics: Siddharth

When he turned producer with the film Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi/ Love Failure, actor Siddharth had no idea that his film will strike gold at the Box Office. But it did and sharing his happiness with his fans, the actor tweeted: “Must thank all the evil ones who tried to bring us down…FYI Telugu fans,Love Failure generated Rs.7 cr to our kitty. You guys rock. ”

However, it seems that this success has also made the actor do a bit of introspection on the business of films and how the industry functions, as he goes on to say on the microblogging site: “We have more screens in India today per sq. km than ever before, and yet 100s of films are doomed to never release because of the politics! Every rule of the free market is being violated in film distribution today. This encourages bad cinema as it becomes financially justifiable.”

Rewinding to the past, the actor says, “We grew up at a time when 4-5 films released together and if they were good, they did well. Today, big films release alone. Power talks! Every time I meet a filmmaker with a completed film, lying unreleased, it breaks my heart. The system is harshest on the most talented. Strange!”