How Tollywood producers pay remuneration to Top actors ?

moneyPrime minister Narendra Modi’s announcement to demonetize Rs.500 ad Rs.1000 notes, followed by IT raids on Tollywood producers and seizing over 50 Crores from Baahubali makers ,raise eyebrows on Tollywood dark dealing.

It is rumoured that Top heroes charge Unimaginable remuneration . But receive only 30-40 per cent of the remuneration is in cheque or wire transfers that are accountable. Rest would be either given in cash (unaccountable) or in form of plots,agricultural lands, houses ,apartments or luxury cars or foreign trips .

While the actress who charge much lesser comparatively to top heroes and directors prefer in taking Gold biscuits or silver bars or luxury vehicles or jewellery  or Diamonds.

This is how Tollywood producers pay remunerations to top actors . whereas in Bollywood everything goes in corporate style and fair deals.

Inputs from media sources