How to identify Plastic Rice ?

plastic-riceAccording to reports, China produces more than 200 tons of rice annually which makes it the largest rice producer in the world. However, China producer sells artificial rice made of potato starch and plastic, which is steamed with rice aroma in the end to make plastic rice.

Plastic rice can be identified using the following tests,

The Mold Test, Cook a handful of rice in water, then put it in a plastic container and leave it in a sunny spot for a few days. – Real organic rice should be mouldy in 2 days; the fake rice will stay intact.

The Mortar and Pestle Test, Crush a few grains of rice and observe, if the rice becomes fine white powder, then it is organic. If it leaves a yellow stain in the mortar, its plastic.

The Fire Test, Light a couple of rice kernels and see if they burn – if they do, the rice you bought is fake.

The Water Test, Pour a tablespoon of the rice in a glass of water- If it’s organic, it should fall to the bottom of the glass.