How Mahesh Better than me ? Allu Arjun comment ?

rp_Bharat-Ane-nenu-Naa-peru-Su-300x200.jpgThe debate seems to be going on in the Telugu industry over the clash of two big films. While some seniors are trying to avoid competition between the ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ starring Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Surya, which is likely to be released with a single day gap.

Seniors are trying to see these movies release at least with a gap of a week. At the moment, there are signs of a week gap to pull back one film from the competition. However, there are reports that some hot comments have been made in this regard.

Allu Arjun reportedly fired over the postponement of his film by one week, giving a way for Mahesh’s BAN. Allu Arjun argued that Mahesh team should postpone their film. In this regard, Allu Arjun reportedly made a controversial statement in the industry.

Allu Arun reportedly said (if sources are believed) “How Mahesh Babu better than me? I am a star hero like Mahesh. So why my movie should be postponed? Tell Mahesh to postpone for my film .”

However, the mediators seem to have prevented these two films from a clash. Finally, Allu Arjun team have come to an agreement to postpone their film.