Hot TV news reader catches Tollywood’s eyes

Times have changed and today it is the small screen circuit which has become more powerful than the silver screen circuit. That is one reason why even the biggest of films and its stars have to come on television and speak about their movies. And even the quality of those who are part of TV industry has increased.

But right now, one person has begun to create some discussions in the filmnagar circles. Her name is Sumithra and she happens to be the newsreader in the TV 5 channel. It is heard that few filmmakers who noticed her feel that she has the right kind of natural sex appeal and huskiness in her voice.

But then, it is heard that the news reader has reportedly made it clear that she is not interested in getting into such things. This has brought some smiles to the home audience who enjoy watching Sumithra more than the news she reads. Let us see how long the Tollywood members will try for her.