Hora Hori Movie Review – Naa Laddula Vundi

horahoriMovie : Hora Hori
Director : Teja
Producer : KL Damodara Prasad
Music Director : Kalyani Koduri
Starring : Dileep, Daksha, Ashwini, Chaswa
TeluguSquare.com 2.25/5


Basawa(Chaswa) is a gangster , kills a family on road and comes to an ACP house to settle the things by  bribing  25 lakhs , where he sees Maithili(Daksha) , ACP’s sister and falls in love with her. He later kills two guys who come for a match making with her. This leads to unstable health for Maithili. Her brother shifts her to a small village in Karnataka where the hero of the film Skanda(Dileep) runs printing press.

Skanda faces tough competition from another printing press and the village heads decides to have a typing competitions and declares that the winner can continue to run the printing business. In the meantime Maithili learns typing and gets into competition and wins the first round. This is when Skanda and Maithali falls in love . Basawa arrives into village for a murder released issue, finds Maithili and decides to marry her . Will Maithili’s brother stay calm?, What condition will he fix?, What about Skanda ?….forms the story.


There is nothing much to say about performance of lead characters Daksha and Dileep, Diretor Teja managed to squeeze good amount of emotions from them.Hero will seen crying all the time. Rocket raghava goes wild in comedy . The bad guy Chaswa is the highlight in the film , his body language , dialogue delivery was different .

Director Teja, who created stars like Uday Kiran and Nithin comes up with a outdated love story . The plot misses the entertainment and freshness, which is a big minus for the film. Cinematography is good with some stunning visuals of of Agumbe, Shimoga in Karnataka. Screenplay is flat and dragging . Music by Kalyan Koduri is good and the BGM is also good.

Teja concentrated on sentiments of his previous films like the Hanuman flag, Tough villain, hero-villain fight in forest, But all these sentiments have no place for success all the time. Teja failed to tell his point in a convincing way. He wanted to prove himself by making outdated films. Dialogues, Comedy & sentiment,Nothing worked out in the film. In this film Villain looks like a  hero in the climax, his love looks genuine as he transforms himself for the girl, whereas hero looks like a Dummy. Overall the movie is like – Naa Laduula Vundi !