Home minister is Sleeping !!

Congress Labour Minister Danam Nagendar who created a hiss at ISCON temple in Hyderabad yesterday, Made a reprehensible comments of his colleague, Home minister Sabita Indra Reddy.

Danam fired on Sabita saying that Home minister is still sleeping; she has to wake up and see what going on in Hyderabad, Reacting to yesterday’s drama at ISCON temple. Police filed non bail able case against Danam for abusing police officials who were present yesterday when he locked the ISCON temple.

Danam also slammed on section of media for writing against him asked public not to read those papers and also said late chief minister YS.Rajashekar Reddy is his GOD ,He always pray to him before he leaves his house.

Danam participated Jamashatami celebrations organized by local public near disputed site. He accused that ISCON which took the lease of Laxminarayana temple is a bogus ISCON and he have proofs against it, He also accused that ISCON members show special attention towards young girls and said two cases were filed against them in local police station.