Hitech Babu should learn from Sharmila

YS.Jagan’s sister Sharmila’s prestigious proposed 3000+ padayatra turned into Hitech padayatra .

Sharmila as reported by media doing a morning walk & evening talk padayatra but also using a specially designed shoes for the yatra imported from Germany. Using this shoe there will be no pressure on legs even after walking or running with them several miles. And Sharmila is maximum on average takes only 12-15 km per day.

For Chandrababu this padayatra turned into badayatra with leg pains , Diabetics and other illness  Poor Chandra Babu who thinks that he is Hitech Babu should learn from Sharmila to avoid cramps ,leg pain and over stressing his muscles at his age. While sharmila walk still in  Mahabubnagar , She refused to take the challenge posed by Telangana Jagruti president K Kavitha to her.