Historic victory of LDF in Kerala

yachuryCPI (M) Gen. Secy Sitaram Yechury to visit Kerala on Friday, will meet the state committee on selection of Chief Minister.

He said, The Verdict is against unprecedented corruption & misrule by UDF in last 5 years.Historic victory of LDF in Kerala,had been possible because ppl have enthusiastically supported our positive program for development of state.

He said, “These results confirm what we had said during campaign about a match-fixing between BJP & UDF. we e salute the people of Kerala for the faith they have reposed in the LDF, assure that we will fulfil the promises made”.

He further said, BJP had conducted a strident communal campaign led by PM Narendra Modi and BJP President, it managed to enter Kerala assembly with 1 seat.

LDF has won 91 seats out of  140 seats assembly while UDF has managed to win 47 seats only.