Highlights of Pawan Kalyan’s Speech

images (1)Janasena president Pawan Kalyan paid a visit to express support to farmers who are resisting the Government’s bid to acquire their lands for the Amaravati project
Here are the highlights of his speech

– I came here not as an actor or politician but as a farmer

– I came into politics for two reasons, Law and Order Issue and Farmers Issue.

-I will stay with You (farmers) and fight for the justice.

– I am not against construction of the new capital and my request is withdraw the notification for land acquisition.

– I deserted my brother Chiranjeevi for the sake of people and supported TDP & BJP alliance in last elections

– I have no enmity with YS Jagan or YSRCP.

– I have my own limitations , but still fighting.

– Dont test my Integrity or brand be to a particular caste, religion or region. Its hurts me a lot, I am above all these.

– A dialogue should be initiated with farmers and the governments before taking the drastic step of issuing Land Acquisition notice.

– The government should fight for special category status sincerely

– Construction of the capital should be on consensus not by forcible land acquisition

_ Give the farmers legal protections and all the promises made should be rightly documented.

–  About 3500 acres which are due to un voluntary acquisitions is not “AfterALL”. Ravela Kishore Babu’s ‘after all’ 3000 acres of land comment pained me . Politician should not use that word ‘after all’.  If 3500 acres of farmers is “AfterALL”,  then why did  Murali Mohan cried over 10-15 acres during YSR regime for outer ring road in Hyderabad.

– Government should make expert committee panel with Jayaprakash Narayan and address all the grievances of the farmers , convince them and take land from them .