High drama as Rajashekhar rams car into realtor car

rajashekarA victim complained about the incident when his car was hit by another car, which was driven by Hero Rajasekhar.

Rajashekhar was driving from Shamshabad airport on Sunday. A car was stopped next to the PVV Expressway. At the same time, builder Ramireddy traveling his his car from the airport to the Hyderguda observed the stopped car. He wanted to help the stopped car and told his driver to stop the car and check . Rajashekhar started his vehicle and rammed the car with a Ramreddy car. This led verbal war between the two. The angry Ram Reddy complained to Rajendranagar police. Police took both of them to police station. There was argument between them .

Ramreddy alleged that Rajashekar was drunk and the police carried out breath analyzers test and found that he was not drunk .

In the meantime, Rajasekhar’s wife Jeevitha Called RamiReddy and said Rajasekhar has been under severe pressure from the mother’s death. She explained that it was not appropriate to complain against him at this time. Ramreddy withdrawn his complaint.