Hero Rajasekhar decided to touch Chiranjeevi’s feet

Hero Rajasekhar and Jeevitha are going to join in Congress Party. Earlier they tried to join in Bharatiya Janata Party. But Rajasekhar  connection gossips with Tara Chowdhury sexracket, BJP stopped their idea to taking him into party.  At present Rajasekhar decided to join in Congress.

Rajasekhar earlier worked for YSR Congress party, Congress Party and NTR TDP (Lakshm Parvathy TDP). As per sources, Rajasekhar may go for Nellore by election campaign. His  long political rival Chiranjeevi sat in top position in Congress party, now with no other option left before him other than to compromise and work under Chiranjeevi, as he wants to join. Let us wait how Chiranjeevi will respond about Rajasekhar entry in Congress.