Hero Raja change his opinion on Pawan Kalyan

telugu_actor_rajaWhat a change in hero Raja’s opinion on Pawan Kalyan, which took almost three years from 2014 to 2017 fro this change in opinion.

In 2014 When Pawan Kalyan launched Jana Sena and supported TDP – BJP alliance, Raja said, Did Pawan ever speak against the injustice and corruption in the film industry? If he wants to really serve the people he must come into the public and understand their problems. Pawan Kalyan is misleading the youth of the state by asking them to vote for the BJP TDP alliance.

In 2017, His version has completely changed, In a recent interview He said, Pawan Kalyan is one of the finest persons, he is not cunning, he is straight forward, Pawan is an innocent human being and highly intellectual. His fans love him more than an actor. Generally, fans stay still stardom exists, but with Pawan its completely different, Humanity in him what really attracts people.