Hero buys fancy number plate at Rs 7 lakh

pridviMalayalam actor Prithviraj bought a fancy number plate at Rs 7 lakh in the auction. Prithviraj is very fond of cars. Last year he purchased Lamborghini Huracan Car and decided to have a Fancy number.

In the Ernakulam RTO office recently, a number plate is named kl07cn. The auction began from Rs.10,000 and ended at Rs.& Lakhs. The lp580-2 model Lamborghini car has a 5.2-litre V10 engine. The price is about Rs.3.25 crore. All huracan Lamborghini cars have 7-speed twin clutch automatic gearboxes.

Prithviraj has acted mostly in Malayalam and Tamil films. He played Aishwarya Rai husband role in ‘Villain’ released in 2010.