Head Constable VENKATRAMAIAH Movie Review

headMovie: Head Constable VENKATRAMAIAH
Cast: R Narayana Murthy, Jayasudha, Sunil Sharma, Jayaprakash reddy, Vennela Kishore, Tanikella Bharani, vijaya, Samir, Vijaya Bhaskar, Vijay, Parvati, and others.
Music: Vandemataram Srinivas
Producer: Chadalavada Padmavati
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao.

Venkataramaiah (R. Narayana Murthy) is a sincere Head constable, who doesn’t compromise in any aspect. He never took any bribe, Although, his colleagues don’t like this character, But the head constable lives with his own rules. His wife Padma (Jayasudha ) found of money forces him to take bribes. But he stands on his own rules. One fine day he unexpectedly gets caught up in a corruption case and His wife’s leaves him. Who is behind the corruption stains on Venkataramaiah? Will his wife comeback? How the ordinary Head constable fights on Black Money and Corruptions?…forms the story.

Although R. Narayana Murthy and Jayasudha combination was a surprise, but both have given extraordinary performances in their respective roles. As a husband and as a Victim of corruption, Narayanamurthy has demonstrated his acting skills. Apart from Jayasudha, rest of the actor have also performed pretty well.


As a director, it’s the first film for Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao but he has not shown any inexperience. he was able to bring out excellent performances from the cast of the film. He should have taken some more precautions for a good result. Sudhakar Reddy camera work is good, Vandemataram Srinivas music comes along well. Production values are good.

The character in the film and the genre of the film, is different compared to films made in the past by Narayana Murthy. He will be seen in a new role and a new story. The first half deals with Honesty of the Venkataramaiah, His family. But the second half missing the track and turns around Black Money and its eradication. The movie misses the main point and ends abruptly. Home minister tries to get votes through Head Constable wife? and also tried to make her a CM, looks unnatural. Overall, the film reflects present society.