HC orders case against Dinesh and Umesh

HC orders case against Dinesh and Umesh

Court on Wednesday ordered the state government to conduct probe into the assets of DGP Dinesh Reddy and his wife within four months. The court also directed to initiate proceedings against Dinesh Reddy and CID Additional Director General for suppressing information before the court.

The court was dealing with a bunch of petitions filed by DGP Dinesh Reddy and Additional DG Umesh Kumar in the court.

The High Court also instituted an inquiry into alleged irregularities committed by Umesh Kumar in procuring boots for the force during his stint in Grey Hounds.

While Umesh Kumar filed against Dinesh Reddy and family’s alleged disproportionate assets, the DGP accused Umesh of misappropriation of funds within the department. Besides, a case of forgery is also pending against Umesh Kumar,who allegedly sought to influence the Centre against Dinesh through a forged letter in the name of an MP M A Khan.

Directing the government to appoint an inquiry officer within two weeks for the purpose, the courtasked DGP Dinesh Reddy to submit

Addl DG Umesh Kumar details of all properties and assets owned by him and his family members to the officer within two months.

Dinesh Reddy and Umesh Kumar, who is presently the chairman of Godavari Valley Authority, have been hurling charges against each other for a long time now. Both have filed cases against each other in the High Court.

Hearing these cases together, the High Court took serious note of the mutual accusations by two senior officers in the police department and ordered inquiry against both of them. The courtdismissed a pardon plea by journalist Sunil Reddy, who was alleged to have forged the signature of the MP at the behest of Umesh Kumar.