Have capacity to pay 5000 per vote : Naidu

rp_Chandrababu-Naidu-warns-his-rivals-over-Rayalaseema-300x289.jpgAndhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu hit the headlines of the National media for his irresponsible comments at a meeting in Kurnool.

Speaking at the meeting He told people not to take the pensions that he is giving, Not to walk on roads that he laid, if they don’t like his administration.

He said, ” You want to enjoy pensions given by me and travel on the roads built by my government. But you don’t want to vote for me. How is it justified?”, questioned Babu.

He said, Some parties are luring voters by distributing money and he too has the capacity to pay 5000 per vote but it leads to corruption.

He further said He would not hesitate to ignore those villages that don’t vote to TDP after getting all benefits.