Harish Shankar’s Clarification of Antyakshari Comedy scene

Director Harish Shankar, who tasted massive success with Power Star Pawan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’, has given his clarification on some issues surrounding the famous Antyakshari scene in Gabbar Singh. “We have not tried to make fun of anyone. I have great respect for Raghavendra Rao garu and the song was extremely popular back in those days. In the Antyakshari scene,all the songs until then are tragic slow numbers. So when Pawan asks the goondas to come up with an energetic number, this song comes up”, says Harish.

The Director also adds ” There is a difference between imitating someone and making fun of someone. Here, we have just imitated the hero of the song. We have not made fun of him. So please check out the facts before accusing us of making fun”. Well, people may draw whatever conclusions they want from the episode but thsi is Harish Shankar’s version of the sequence.