Harish Shankar slams at cinema critics

harish-shankarAfter the success of Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s Duvvada Jagannadham , filmmaker Harish Shankar did not hesitate to pull the legs of cinema critics.

At the ‘Thanks’ meet of the film, Harish Shankar slammed at critics for character assignation, instead of finding loopholes in the film.

He said The criticism should be subjective and confined to the film rather targeting personally. It should be used to like a weapon to correct and not for just criticizing. Critics should not write saying the director turned Snobbish and feels superior. He said Some guys have criticized him saying after Gabbar Singh he had developed an attitude, but the fact is, because of his attitude he has delivered a film like Gabbar Singh.

He also said, Cinema is for entertainment purpose and told everyone to see it in that angle. He said, A successful film should see revenues, not reviews. he advised the audience to become critics instead of looking at reviews & ratings of others.