Harish Rao’s facebook attack to Lokesh’s twitter

Harish Rao gave a conter attack to Chandra Babu’s son  Lokesh’s twitter  comments on him  . He has posted a detailed letter  on his facebook .

Here is the content…

TDP Letter is Nothing But Smacks of Sophistry

We are not political opportunists as Chandra Babu Naidu. It is very clear that TDP wants to thrive in confusion created by today’s dubious letter.

Being a political adolescent, Lokesh seems to absorb only literary spirit, but fails to understand figurative meaning of the challenge. If Lokesh has any respect for spirit of democracy, he should urge his father to stop his dubious stand on Telangana and his political hypocrisy.

Even now, I stick to my earlier statement, if at all TDP takes a clear unequivocal stance on Telangana and if only your father Chandra Babu Naidu places wreaths on the memorials of Telangana martyrs and if your father is not a political hypocrite, let him to hold a press meet TODAY and openly declare that TDP is for the statehood of Telangana. If not Lokesh will be seen as a fledgling “Con-Artist” and soon he will bloom in to a “Degenerate Sophist” following the footsteps of his opportunist and Machiavelli Father.