Harish Rao fires on Congress over Rythu Garjana

harish-raoTelangana Irrigation Minister Harish Rao fires on Congress over Rythu Garjana meeting in Adilabad.

He said, Congress has no right to talk about farmers, In Congress regime, Farmers have protested on roads on daily basis because of poor supply of quality power to them. Farmers’ bore motors and starters were burnt due to poor quality of power , which lead to debt of farmers.

After TRS govt came into power, farmers are complaining him to stop supplying 12 hours power supply as bore owned farmers are pumping out the water to the core, leaving wells owned farmers with no water. TRS is giving quality power supply, said Harish Rao.

He said, Congress was extending its lip sympathy towards farmers , Congress was responsible for farmers suicides in the state.