Harikrishna chosen Jagan’s shelter to blash on Naidu

Harikrishna chosen Jagan’s shelter to blash on Naidu

The simmering differences between the TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and his brother-in-law and Rajya Sabha member Nandamuri Hari Krishna have come into the open now. Most surprisingly Hari Krishna has chosen Sakshi TV, a strong opponent of TDP, to give an interview to bash Naidu.

In this interview, Hari Krishna strongly criticized the TDP chief for stating that party and family were different. Recalling how he supported Naidu when they pulled down his own father N T Rama Rao from the seat of power, opposing the interference of Lakshmi Parvati, Hari Krishna angrily questioned if Naidu was not a family member then. He has asserted that no one can separate Nandamuri family from the TDP.

“If any one tries to sideline the Nandamuri family, he himself will be destroyed”, he cursed.</div><br><div>When asked about allegations of collusion between Congress and TDP, Hari Krishna while dismissing the allegations, said he would himself lead a revolt in the party, if any one tries for such collusion.

On the party’s series of debacles, he said the party was distancing itself from the people, because it has ignored the cadres and also given up several welfare schemes introduced by his late father and founder of the party. Alleging that while the party leaders had benefited, cadres had lost what they had. He said it was high time that cadres were given due importance.

When asked about his not being invited to Naravaripalli by Naidu for the family gathering in the newyear and the unveiling of the statue of NTR there, Hari Krishna has alleged that there was a circle of sycophants surrounding Naidu who were trying to destroy the party.

Answering questions about his walking out of Maha Nadu, protesting against putting up of hoardings of Lokesh, son of Naidu, Hari Krishna has said if only he was given an opportunity to speak out then, the matter would have been known to only a few thousands of party workers.

As it was not done, he was now forced to speak before crores of people, from a public platform.

When asked why his son and actor Jr. NTR was sidelined after he has campaigned in the 2009 elections, Hari Krishna has said his son had even risked his life and met with a very serious accident during the campaign and broke his back, to save the party founded &nbsp;by his grand father. Stating that no one could separate Nandamuri family from the TDP, he said Jr. NTR’s services would always be available to the party.

When asked when the Nandamuri family would take charge of the party from the Nara family, Hari Krishna has said people would decide it.