Haribabu resigns as AP BJP president

hari-babuAndhra Pradesh BJP president Kambhampatti Haribabu resigned from his post. He sent his resignation letter to party national president Amit Shah.

For the last four years, the party’s response has been taken by Haribabu. The national leadership is looking forward to appointing a new president in the state. The exercise has also begun. In this context, he resigned to pave the way for a new president. On Monday evening, his resignation letter was sent by fax.

Recent political developments have become a challenge to the BJP leadership. During the division of the state, Haribabu was declared the BJP president. He maintained good relations with his ally TDP despite disputes.

Some leaders in the party have suggested that the aggression should be intensified after TDP exit from NDA, but restricted his criticism to a decency level.