Haribabu nails lies of TDP regarding Special Status

haribabuBJP Vishakapatnam MP Haribabu nails the lies of TDP regarding Special Status very forcefully and effectively. He also exposed the shameful treachery of TDP to its founder NTR’s memory by joining hands with Congress.

He said TDP has stopped its 3 decades of a fight with Congress and joined hands with it. if Congress is so concerned about AP why did it not include SC in the act itself? , asked the MP

He said, BJP Govt ready to extend everything under the Special Status provisions. 90% for special status – 60% (normal status) = 30% gap agreed to be given at 3500 cr per year for 5 years which is 17500 cr accepted by GOI. TDP wanted this as external assistance but then due to some problems it wanted aid from NABARD after 18 months. GOI asked the TDP for form Special Purpose Vehicle so that money will be provided through the formation of an SPV. But the state govt has failed to do so. Haribabu says the formation of an SPV is to ensure that neither the state nor the Center’s FRBM limit is under pressure.

Instead, the state govt has taken a U-turn to demand special status. He asked the state govt whether they want just the name or financial assistance ?. Hari Babu proved a good lawyer mentioning all the figures and cornering TDP for moving no trust motion against Modi govt.

He said, GOI So far gave Rs. 6,374 crores for Polavaram and centre takes complete responsibility for the completion of the project. The centre has set up a task force on a steel plant. Vijag Railway zone is also under consideration.