Hari Teja faces insult in Mahanati Theatre

hari-tejArtist Hari Teja, who became popular with Big Bass show faced a humiliation in a theatre while watching Mahanati film with her family.

Hari Teja went to a theatre with her mother father and sister to watch Mahanati film. In the first half, she was sitting next to her sister, her mother wanted her to sit next to her in the second half. In this order, she asked her father to go to the seat where she was sitting. A woman with her daughter has objected saying her daughter is not comfortable sitting beside Hari Teja father.

Both Hari Teja and the woman had a long argument, in this contest the woman said Cinema people can sit beside any male and not them. This has led to burst of anger for Hariteja who posted an emotional video stating not to see cinema people in bad light. She said she is not doing the video popularity.